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Waterfront Sh​op Spotlight

Emmanuel Cancer Foundation

IYRS School of Technology & Trades

We proudly support IYRS School of Technology & Trades, a non-profit, post-secondary experiential learning school in Newport, Rhode Island. IYRS offers education & training programs for craftspeople, artists, fixers, technicians, thinkers, problem-solvers, and creatives!

A gift to IYRS goes immediately into their educational program and budget for tools, equipment, faculty salaries, scholarship aid, and career education for our students.

Emmanuel Cancer Foundation

Emmanuel Cancer Foundation

Please join us in helping the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation with their holiday wish list. The ECF is a not-for-profit organization that helps children who have been diagnosed with pediatric cancer. This year ECF's Eastern region has over 80 children who need their wish lists filled. They are seeking donations for toys, clothes, gift cards, and non-perishable goods. If you'd like to help or learn more, please send an email to Rosemarie Contreras at [email protected] or call (732)-282-2324.

Art , Antiques and Estate Services

Waterfront Shop is a community of local businesses in which all members are thoroughly screened. Our community offers discounts to its members among the partnered businesses. We strive to bring the best of the best in each of our Waterfront Shop locations.

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Single System Laundry

AC Tiling llc

Keyport Waterfron Studios

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L & L Carpet

(732) 275-2690

Edible Art Custom Cakes & Chocolates

(908) 256-3091

Fancy Love Jewelry

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Deily Electric

(732) 690-6738

McDonagh's Pub

Jewelry By Leonard

(732) 739-1900

Pampered Chef By Crystal

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Keyport Pizza

(732) 264-2667

C & M Auto Body

(732) 739-2744

Mountain Home Rustic Furniture

(732) 604-8869

[email protected]

Plug It Appliances

Why We're Here

We strive to bring the community together. Helping its members use more small businesses and support their community. We are looking to build lasting relationships within the community in order to have businesses strive. Promoting businesses you can trust.

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Discounts at Each of our Partners

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Community Helping Community

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732 832 1700

What our members are saying

I love being part of a community where everyone is eager to help. I know that they stand by their work and I can always count on every one of them. Glad to be a part of this community.

Michael and  Megha